Dispute & Litigation Valuation & Advisory Services

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    Dispute & Litigation Valuation & Advisory Services

    Independent Valuation is critical in a dispute, arbitration or litigation situations. The valuation in such matters often depend on economic, financial, legal and quantitative analysis. Our team of experts provide defensible research backed valuation opinions and reports to support our clients’ viewpoints and positions in disputes, arbitration and litigation proceedings.

    We help to resolve disputes between shareholders and joint venture partners which may arise due to differences of opinion concerning shareholder agreements, settlements, minority shareholder claims, suspected fraud or negligence etc. We offer reliable valuation assessments in a fair and independent manner.

    • Family settlements
    • Joint Venture & Shareholder Disputes
    • Intellectual property infringement
    • Breach/ Wrongful Termination of Contracts
    • Abuse/ Misuse of dominant positions
    • Assessing the value of disputed businesses

    Our professionals help resolve disputes regarding accounting judgments and valuations from the point of view of the buyer, the seller or an independent valuer representing both the parties through a joint mandate.

    For dispute & litigation valuation, we give special emphasis on –

    • Valuation Date
    • Legal v. Commercial Ownership and Control
    • Acceptability of Data by all Parties
    • Understanding regarding Use of Brand(s) (Individually / Jointly), Non Compete Considerations (Control / Synergy Premiums), Lock in conditions/Restrictions on Share Transfer etc.
    • Normalization of Financials /Earnings
    • Valuation of Businesses and Assets