Valuation of Infrastructure Assets & Specialized Assets

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    Valuation of Infrastructure Assets & Specialized Assets

    Infrastructure Assets (roads & civil infrastructure, ports, railways, airports, power & energy etc.) are necessary for maintenance and growth of any Country and in fact a key growth driver. Because of its nature, Infrastructure is capital intensive and requires significant investments from the Government and Private Sector and also in the form of Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

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    Transique Valuation Advisors has rich experience in providing Valuation services to a range of infrastructure sectors including roads & civil infrastructure, ports, energy, utilities (power, water and waste) etc. using Project and Company Valuations approaches.

    We have the capacity and experience to value these infrastructure and specialized assets. We have valuations teams for Plant & Machinery, Land & Building and Securities & Financial Asset classes and also Technical experts from Industry to judge the Assets at ground level.