Portfolio Valuation

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    Portfolio Valuation

    The increased focus on independence and governance along with regulatory changes are forcing a wide range of alternative asset investors and managers, including private equity firms, hedge funds, business development companies, limited partners, corporations and pension and endowment funds to seek objective valuation advice. Independent reviews of fair value policies, procedures and results provide comfort to investors, fund administrators and accounting managers as well as auditors regarding the entity’s valuation assessment.

    Private equity Investors are required to carry out periodic valuations of Investments as part of their reporting process. International Private Equity and Venture Capital (IPEV) Valuation guidelines represent current best practice, on the valuation of private equity Investments in Debt and Equity instruments and their reporting at ‘Fair Value’ assisting the Investors to make better informed decisions.

    IPEV Valuation Guidelines are applicable to Alternative Investment Funds (seed and start-up venture capital, buyouts, growth/development capital, credit etc.; hereafter collectively referred to as Private Capital Funds) and financial instruments commonly held by such Funds. They also provide a basis for valuing Investments by other entities, including Fund-of-Funds, in such Private Equity Funds.

    Transique Valuation Advisors specializes in assisting clients with the valuation of alternative investments, specifically securities and positions for which there are no “active market” quotations.