Legal Documentation & Drafting

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    Legal Documentation & Drafting

    Transique Corporate Advisors team is well versed with drafting techniques and expertise to foresee the risk and take care of the best interest of their clients.  Our team is well conversant with drafting rules and appropriate usage of language and well-informed with the developments in the legal world. We endeavor to create a legal document as per client’s requirements and simultaneously ensuring that the contracts must confirm to the legal requirements and drafted in a manner to avoid future dispute.

    We can help you in:

    1. Advisory, Drafting and negotiation of Transactional Documents including Joint Venture Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Shareholder’s Agreement, Asset/Business Purchase Agreements, Slump Sale Agreements, Partnership Deeds etc.
    2. Drafting of various fund documents (for AIFs, Venture Funds etc.) including Private Placement Memorandums, Contribution Agreements.
    3. Advisory and Drafting of Intellectual Property related agreements including licensing Agreements, Assignment Agreements, Technology Transfer Agreements etc.
    4. Drafting of various types of employment contracts.
    5. Review, vetting and drafting of commercial contracts including purchase and sale orders, loan documentations, sale and leasing contracts etc.
    6. Drafting and advising on Development Agreements, Hospitality and Management Rights Agreements, Franchise Agreements.
    7. Advising and drafting of Wills, Trust Deeds, Trusteeship Agreements, Family Settlements etc.
    8. Drafting of Non-disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-complete Agreements.