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    Fund Raising through SME IPO

    SME IPO has been beneficial for the Indian Economy and creates value unlocking for Companies, Promoters and Investors apart from incremental Government Tax Revenue. SME IPO leads to Equity Fund Raising and also works as a tool for Exit Opportunity for Investors. It also strengthens company’s ability to reduce its cost of Debt along with realising the power of Listed Shares which can work as Collateral. SME IPO has inbuilt provision for 100% Underwriting of the Issue and relaxed post listing compliances combined with reduced timelines of IPO process. SME IPO also opens the gate towards listing on BSE/NSE mainboard through migration process. Attractive issue prices under SME IPO are encouraging the interest of QIB Investors and Retail Investors in this booming Indian Capital markets

    Till March 2024, 947 companies have raised INR 16,000 crore through SME IPOs (BSE SME and NSE EMERGE platforms) across 60+ industries with cumulative current market cap of INR 2.50 Lakh crores. Last 3 years have been a milestone for SME IPOs as 399 companies got listed at SME Stock Exchanges and raised INR 9,489 crore which represents 42% in Number and 60% in value of total SME IPOs. This upsurge was primarily driven by robust Indian Capital markets and heightened Investor interest showcasing the power of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in India.

    We can handhold growing, Profitable companies, across all Industries for a successful SME IPO at BSE SME / NSE Emerge Stock Exchanges. We have strong network of Capital Market Investors including prominent QIB’s and Anchor Investors which can assure Fund Raising and Value Creation for Companies and Promoters within time bound manner. Our unique understanding of Valuation, Businesses across Industries, Legal requirements, Capital Market trends and strong Network of Institutional Investors differentiate us from other advisors operating in this space.

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    Fund Raise through Other Modes
    Transique Corporate Advisors work with emerging growth-stage companies, angel-funded startups and companies looking for fundraising (Venture Capital /Private Equity/ SME IPO (BSE SME/NSE EMERGE)/Quasi Debt and Debt). We are providing end to end transaction advisory services related to valuation, financial model preparation/review, preparation/review of Teaser/pitch documents and complete deal support including due diligence, deal Structuring, deal advisory, deal Negotiation, Legal, Regulatory & Tax advisory, Legal documentation and also post deal support.

    Our team members have a diverse and significant track record working with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, CFO’s and Senior Professionals. We provide Pre and Post Funding for Companies and investors. Being Chartered Accountants, Registered Valuers and also as a SEBI-registered Category I Merchant Banker (through our associated firm), we provide valuations for various tax, regulatory and financial reporting and for management / Investor assessment purposes in India.

    Our fund raising team assist clients with both their equity and debt requirements and provide advisory services related to private equity, mezzanine and debt financing.

    Our team interacts closely with private equity funds, venture capital funds, high net worth investors on an ongoing basis and has a good understanding of their focus, investment criteria, thesis, philosophy and preferences which help us to facilitate the most appropriate investor-company fit, thus delivering the best value.

    On the debt side, we advise on raising funds from banks, multilateral, NBFCs and credit funds for corporate and asset-based lending, securitization, project debt, senior debt, acquisition financing and recapitalizations.

    The type of investors we raise funds from:

    • Venture capital (VC) funds
    • Private equity (PE) funds
    • Strategic investors and corporate ventures
    • Family offices
    • High net worth Individuals (HNI’s)
    • QIB’s and Anchor Investors (SME IPO)

    We raise all form of finance, including:

    • Equity financing
    • Debt financing
    • Quasi-Debt financing
    • Acquisition financing
    • ECB

    We assist our clients by:

    • Understanding financing requirements
    • Preparation/Review of financial model with underlying assumptions
    • Preparing Teaser, Pitch Book and information memorandum
    • Approaching and discussing the deal with potential investors
    • Analyzing the offers and negotiating terms
    • Identify potential areas impacting valuation and suitably addressing the same
    • Identify potential transaction structure (critically evaluate the same from a tax, regulatory, business and valuation perspective, maximise tax efficiencies in the structure, discussions with the potential investor on the transaction structure etc.)
    • Support in negotiation to the management
    • Providing inputs on the risk factors identified by the investor / buyer (including contingent liabilities)
    • Capital gains tax planning on exit, planning use of funds realised
    • Providing structure for potential exit to investor etc.
    • Protecting interests of the management team (compensation re-alignment to market, roles re-alignment, ESOP, lock ins etc.)
    • Co-ordinating the overall due-diligence (including providing meaningful insights to the diligence issues)
    • Closing of the transaction

    We extend extensive support in review of definitive agreements such as share purchase agreement, share subscription agreement, shareholder agreement, terms of non-compete, use of brands, related party arrangements, indemnity structures etc.

    We understand the challenges pertaining to Investor Funded Companies

    • Presence of complex capital structures, liquidation preferences, tag along and drag along rights and other terms that are common in Investor Funded Companies
    • Implication of these terms for the relative value of various layers of preference and equity shares within the capital structure
    • Thereby rendering correct advise to the Company in Deal Structuring by identifying, and guiding decisions on business growth strategies, strategic alternatives, capital allocation, and restructuring that impact the bottom line and drive shareholder value.