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    Valuations, Transaction Advisory, Tax, Legal & Regulatory Services

    TRANSIQUE CORPORATE ADVISORS is a boutique Transaction Advisory firm with strategic focus on Valuation, Transaction Advisory and Legal & Regulatory Services catering to the needs of the Corporates, Investors and Startups. With the Valuation, Transaction Advisory and Legal & Regulatory Services landscape evolving rapidly in India, businesses and the management needs to stay updated with the financial, legal, tax and regulatory aspects so that they can successfully implement the necessary corporate actions for continuity and growth. The need of the hour is a focused and vigorous firm that can help businesses navigate through complex issues.


    Our cutting-edge knowledge of Valuation, Finance, Accounts, SEBI, Companies Act, Tax, FEMA, Stamp Duty and other regulatory laws coupled with deep understanding of business and our vast experience of working across the transactional landscape helps us in providing seamless advisory services assisting our clients take informed decisions which stand through the test of time.


    Our founders’ fundamental approach of delivering the practical insights, innovative and personalized solutions for the best interest of our clients, across industries bring ‘excellence in our work’. Our advice has historically stood the test of times and Regulatory authorities. We not only advise on your Transaction but also act as your Transaction Catalyst from the early days of planning, setting the foundation, performing high level diagnostic review of available options, scenario analysis, recommending the pros and cons of options including the Tax, Financial, Legal, Regulatory and Commercial aspects to the implementation of the final option.


    Our key differentiators are our comprehensive transaction focused approach; deep domain knowledge, sound Industry experience, local market knowledge; mandatory involvement of Partners and subject matter experts in each client assignments and providing independent, ethical and high-quality professional advisory services on your Transactions including M&A, Fund Raising, Investments, ESOPs or allied transactions.

    Valuation Advisory

    Transique Corporate Advisors is a leading, independent and full service Valuation Firm providing complete spectrum of Valuations required for wide-ranging purposes. Our goal is to provide ethical and high quality Valuations, driven by 360 degree approach and proprietary minimum performance framework process leading to independent assessment of Value.


    Besides Valuation of Business for Transactions, Deals and Fund Raising, there are Regulatory requirements in case of an Indian Company to obtain valuation for Issue of Shares, CCPS, OCPS, CCD valuation/ valuation of redeemable instruments, valuation for Transfer of Shares (including Indirect Transfers of Shares), ESOP Accounting valuations using Intrinsic and Fair Value approach (including Black Scholes valuation, Binomial valuation) as per Ind AS 102, Sweat Equity Valuation, Perquisite Tax valuations including RSU valuation, valuation for Share Swap Ratio / valuation for Share Entitlement Ratio, Fairness Opinions in a Scheme of Merger or Arrangement, RBI valuation for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI valuation), RBI valuation for Overseas Direct Investments (ODI valuation) under Company Law, Income Tax Law, RBI Laws, SEBI Laws, Liquidation value and Fair value of Assets in case of Insolvency Law (IBC valuation). Additionally there is Valuation requirement for Financial Reporting purposes to ascertain the Fair Value as per Ind AS 113, Valuation for Purchase price Allocation (PPA valuation) of Assets (Tangible valuation and Intangible valuation) in case of an Acquisition as per Ind AS 103, Valuation for Impairment of Assets as per Ind AS 36, Dispute and Litigation Valuations, Portfolio Valuations for VC/PE Investors, AIF’s etc. Under the Regulations in India, onus is on Chartered Accountants, IBBI Registered Valuers and SEBI Registered Merchant Bankers to undertake these valuation requirements. Transique Corporate Advisors provides all these Valuation Services under all asset classes and have the best in class team of valuation professionals who consistently thrive to deliver high-quality solutions and results customized to each client’s individual needs while building Trust in Valuation Profession.


    The depth of analysis is most important in any Valuation engagement and the ability of the Valuer to follow the complete valuation process right from the understanding purpose of valuation, seeking relevant and adequate information requisition from company, performing financial analysis and normalization adjustments, understanding industry characteristics and trends, forecasting and reviewing company performance, considering and applying appropriate valuation methodologies to performing scenario analysis, value adjustments, documentation and reporting while effectively utilizing professional judgement.


    We have built this expertise and insight through 18+ years of practical experience of working across 30+ industries, globally and undertaking 1500+ valuations for diverse domestic and cross border transactions.


    At Transique Valuation Advisors, we help clients with effective valuation strategies and hand-hold them during execution of the same. Our experienced professionals understand the valuation environment in India and can provide focused advice on every client situation – whether an investment, divestment, M&A, funding, insolvency, ESOPs or allied transactions.

    Transaction Advisory

    Transique Corporate Advisors provide comprehensive transaction support to our clients, from the deal origin to closing and beyond, combining Industry knowledge with fundamental financial expertise and an in house Tax, Legal & Regulatory team.


    There is always a fear of the unknown when embarking on an uncharted journey. Present times are very dynamic where orthodox approach of evaluation is not enough to take decisions, and many a times decisions are made to disrupt the status quo. Our approach in Transaction advisory is to help clients Think Outside the Box, shift gears and take their businesses to the next level.


    Our Transaction advisory services encompasses the entire spectrum be it Transaction Planning, Structuring, Advisory and Implementation including Mergers, Acquisitions, Demergers, Slump Sale (including REIT’s, InvIT’s, NBFC’s etc.) value creation and unlocking (including AIF), support in newer endeavors (such as IBC, ARCs etc.) and evolving regulations and also Fund Raising and Corporate Deals.

    Legal & Regulatory Services

    Transique Legal Advisors, through its experienced team, provide in-depth advice, support and guidance to the clients in the field of Transaction Documentations, Corporate and Transaction Tax, Company Law, Securities Laws, Capital markets, FEMA and other regulatory laws including Insolvency law, Stamp Duties, etc.


    Over the last several years, the Regulatory environment in India has become severely complex. On one hand the Government is looking at the ease of doing business in India to attract foreign capital, on the other, market dynamics, business environment and fund constraints are often forcing regulators and law makers to adopt tough positions in the implementation of these regulations. The regulators have, in last few years, substantially enhanced the onus of compliance on the business houses and / or their management teams that acts as an inherent motivation to pro-actively ensure compliances. At times this has also led to conflicts in the Commercial understanding of parties amid the changing laws [Ex. Vodafone Tax dispute on retrospective amendment of Section 9 (Indirect Transfer of Assets), Tata Docomo dispute on Exit Valuation understanding due to subsequent change in RBI Pricing norms etc.]


    Our experienced professionals in the field of SEBI, Companies Act, FEMA including Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Overseas Direct Investment (ODI), Stamp Duty and other tax & regulatory laws including Income Tax, Competition Law, Insolvency law, Real Estate laws (RERA), Stamp Duties etc. help clients achieve their business objectives in line with the applicable regulations. Our team partners with clients in providing overall guidance, assist in decision making, seeking necessary approvals, overall compliances etc.