Awards & Recognitions

IOV Registered Valuers Foundation

    August 2023

ICAI Comments – Valuation Standards Updation

    August 2023

Member (Special Invitee) – ICAI Valuation Standards Board

    1st  August 2023

Assocham-Merger & Acquisition Council

    23rd February 2011

PHD: FDI- Opportunities & Challenges

    1st September 2015

Assocham: Corporate Valuations Seminar

    25th September 2014

ICSI: Certificate course on Valuations

    19th October 2013

Assocham: Value Creation through Mergers & Acquisitions

    30th April 2013

CKF: Knowledge Masterclass on Recent Developments in FEMA

    10th April 2013

Assocham: Panel Discussion on GAAR

    3rd May 2012

PHD: FDI Opportunities & Challenges

ICSI: Corporate Fraud

12th November 2016 

ICSI: Task Force on Educational Course for Valuation

27th March 2018 

Indraprastha: The Budget Blueprint by Chander Sawhney

7th April 2011 

Assocham: National Seminar on GAAR

26th July 2012 

Registered Valuers Organisation: Nomination on committee to advise on Valuation Matters

30th July 2018 

Zee Rajasthan: ICAI Jaipur Virtual Conference on Valuation

 22nd January 2021

ICAI Jaipur: Professional Opportunities for CA’s as Business Valuers

 22nd January 2021