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    Legal Advisory

    Over the last several years, the Regulatory environment in India has become severely complex. On one hand the Government is looking at the ease of doing business in India to attract foreign capital, on the other, market dynamics and business environment are often forcing regulators and law makers to adopt tough positions in the implementation of these regulations. The regulators have, in last few years, substantially enhanced the onus of compliance on the business houses and / or their management teams that acts as an inherent motivation to pro-actively ensure compliances.


    Our experienced professionals in the field of Exchange Control laws including Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Overseas Direct Investment (ODI), other FEMA aspects, Companies Act, SEBI Regulations, Competition Law, Insolvency law, Real Estate laws (RERA), Transfer Taxes – specifically Stamp Duties etc. help clients achieve their business objectives in line with the applicable regulations. Our team partners with clients in providing overall guidance, assist in decision making, seeking necessary approvals, overall compliances etc.


    Our experts in this space even assist in situations of dispute in families, arbitration, asset distribution, family settlement etc. and provide suitable inputs from a tax, regulatory and business perspective.