Distressed Asset Advisory

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    Distressed Asset Advisory

    The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), is a new opportunity to invest in distressed assets in India. Our Distress Asset Advisory practice is uniquely positioned to assist Buyers / investors in finding valuable investment opportunities during periods of financial instability often caused by liquidity shortfalls, stakeholders’ unwillingness/inability to provide additional financing, deteriorated business performance, or changing economic scenarios.

    Our ability to assist investors before, during and after a restructuring or insolvency process creates significant efficiencies and delivers superior results. We seamlessly integrate professionals from our M&A, Restructuring and Valuation teams to deliver the solutions our clients need. We can provide complete transactional support, as required, to help Buyers/investors fully evaluate investment opportunities and maximize their returns.

    There are several investment avenues for distressed assets to participate in distressed loans both at the pre-NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal) and post-NCLT stage via:

    • Management buyout
    • One-time settlement (OTS)
    • Debt refinancing
    • Secondary buyout
    • Acquisition financing
     Pre-Insolvency Process:
    • Transaction Advisory
    • Financial Restructuring
    • Turnaround Management

     Acquisition of Non-Performing Assets

    • Opportunity identification 
    • Acquisition/lender negotiation assistance
    • Business plan preparation and/or review
    • Valuation of Assets and Business
    • Capital Structure analysis
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Legal and Financial Due diligence
    • Fundraising and refinancing assistance
    • Post-acquisition options analysis
    Transaction and Post-Completion Support:

    NCLT Process

    • Resolution plan preparation:
    • Detailed business plan and market review Valuation and business/scenario modelling
    • Investment exit option analysis
    • Negotiation and deal execution support