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    Many Indian business houses have expansion into the international market over the last several years. As Indian companies plan their global investments and international growth strategies, various concerns arise in their minds with respect to business, tax and regulatory aspects – both from the perspective of India and from the perspective of the country that they plan to invest in.

    Our experienced team helps Indian companies going overseas:

    • With their investment and acquisition strategies,
    • Identify extent of investments (including guarantees) that can be made as per FEMA law,
    • Optimum structure options based on the regulations of the foreign country,
    • Identify jurisdictions for setting up international holding company based on underlying business geography, promoter residency / existing international business, Tax rates under local Laws and Bilateral Tax Treaties,
    • Thin Capitalization guidelines of foreign country,
    • Choices of instruments for investments (capital mix),
    • Potential tax reduction and optimization options under the local laws of overseas countries,
    • Transaction structure in case of acquisitions, due diligence support,
    • Drafting / review of necessary contracts, set up formalities etc.
    • Valuation advisory including certifications from Chartered Accountants and Merchant Bankers as required under FEMA Law


    At Transique Corporate Advisors, we have cutting edge due to our experience of Cross Border Transactions. Further, our cutting-edge knowledge of FEMA, Tax, Valuation, Finance, Accounts, SEBI, Companies Act and other regulatory laws coupled with deep understanding of business and our vast experience of working across the transactional landscape helps us in providing seamless advisory services assisting our clients take informed decisions which stand through the test of time