Construction & Construction Materials Industry September’23

Background (Coverage & Approach)

Transique Corporate Advisors takes immense pleasure in presenting its third Industry Insight report capturing the financial performance and valuation trends over 3 year period of “Construction & Construction Materials” and its Sub Industries including Civil Construction, Cement & Cement Products and Other Construction Materials. These trends are based on the data of last two audited financial years (FY 2020-21 and FY 2021-22) and trailing twelve months (TTM) consolidated financials as on July 2023.

The purpose of this “Construction & Construction Materials Industry Insight Report” is to provide an executive summary of Construction Industry including its emerging Industry trends and Investment opportunities, macro understanding of the financial performance and movement in the median valuation multiples of companies operating in Construction & Construction Materials and its Sub Industries.

For preparation of this Construction and Construction Material Industry Insight report on we have analysed 203 companies listed on NSE/BSE. After applying our proprietary filtration criteria for eliminating the outliers and adjusting for Infrequently Traded Companies, we have done detailed analysis of 61 companies which has been summarised in this report.

We hope this Industry Report Series: Financial performance and Valuation trends would be of use to the Corporates, Investors and Professionals. If you require any guidance or support or have any feedback, you may write to us at

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Executive Summary : Construction and Construction Materials

Investment Opportunities

  • Construction development in residential, retail, commercial and hospitality sectors, development of townships
  • Construction of roads, bridges, hotels, resorts
  • Technologies and solutions for smart, sustainable and connected cities and integrated townships
  • Technologies for the promotion of low cost and affordable housing
  • Green building solutions
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials.
  • Training and skill development of construction sector workers
  • Urban water supply, urban sewerage and sewage treatment.

Financial Performance & Valuation Multiples Trends Analysis – Construction & Construction Materials Industry

Financial Performance Charts for 3 Years of Construction & Construction Materials Industry

Valuation Multiples Trend analysis for 3 Years of Construction & Construction Materials Industry

Top Performing Companies in Construction & Construction Materials Industry

Industry, Sub Industry & Sub Group Classification